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she who played a million persona

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Created on 2016-11-07 11:36:24 (#2559812), never updated

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• updates are all I need to satisfy myself • basically a fangirl, trash with various interests • has a lot of ramblings most of the times • an easily amused kid • rather introverted with a mind filled with wild thoughts • blogs about the uncertain and the unknown • occassionally translates in frustration when needed •

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ainana, anime, butai, cosplay, games, high school star musical, i7, idolish, idolish7, kageki meikoi, lagrange point, marginal #4, marginal#4, meigeki, meiji tokyo renka, meikoi, mobage, otome, seiyuu, stamyu, starmyu, sutamyu, tsukista, tsukiuta, yumecast, yumeiro cast
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